Red Summer

by La Haine

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released December 5, 2011

Ryan Bram from Homewrecker recordings



all rights reserved


La Haine Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Track Name: Bottom Feeder
I’m looking right you. I’m screaming right at you. I know it's hard to hear me in that bubble, screaming at you. Do you not have the time for passion or devotion? I’ll be creating and sorrowing as you stand for nothing. Let your self become a victim and let this die. It never wanted you: you let it die. If it never came it's because of you. It never wanted you. All we have are our words, so why are you speechless? Sorry we aren't leading the blind. Sorry we don’t fit your fashion.
Track Name: Slumber/Dreamer
-I was wrong. I was lost. As the stars begin to fade, Ill hold my head up and fade away. Im drowning, just cant breathe. This can't be me. I have nothing more then this thought on my mind. Wishing more, just to breath. I’m drowning in my dreams, wishing for nothing more than just to sleep (just to breathe). If this doesn't kill me, nothing else will.
-This nightmare seems to be over. My clouded thoughts have poured down. Bitter and cold, this is where I belong, with empty hearts and stubborn minds. Bitter and cold, this is where I belong. This is where I...I made it home. I’ve finally made it home.
Track Name: Passing
Here’s to another year adding on to what I’ve missed.
Here’s to all my fears, I’m remembering a summer missed.
Here’s to another year, remembering you and I together forever. Lets make this count.
All we had turned into sand. Slipped away right through our fingers. Through all of this, you're still my only wish (nothing). For now lets allow flowers to bloom. For now Ill let the sun burn out our eyes. I Promise to be your constant if you promise to be my contrast. My constant: your contrast.
Track Name: Interlude(ft. Adam Abeyta)
I'm letting this go. I'm letting this go. I'm letting you go.
Track Name: Depart
I've counted the seconds. I've counted the minutes. While the clock moves forward my thoughts are stuck.
(I)Grew Up. (I)Changed. So did you. Distance is what kept me alive, the same distance is why I live now. I never had the answer but there was never a question. All these lonely nights and words held in. I’m just looking forward. Tomorrow is new with no more shades of grey. Those summers are out of reach. I’m taking in this august air just feel some warmth. We still share the same sky but we just ran out of time.