Demo 2013

by La Haine

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released March 2, 2013

recorded by James Robinson at GRLMGDDN Studios, February 2013



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La Haine Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Track Name: Twin
When you woke up did you see me in the mirror? When you sing do you hear him in your voice? When you speak, do you realize you lost your voice? When you woke up is that me in the mirror?
This was never a game of catch up so stop trying to get ahead. You’re spitting songs that have been song. You’re writing poems that have been read. Just another bottom-feeder with a shallow heart. Acting a part doesn’t mean it’s real. Keep on portraying. Forge another line. Take my words, take my meanings, make them you. Another one-liner from me to you. Keep it close Take my words. Keep on portraying. Forge another line.
Track Name: Water Front
I gave myself a chance to see, forgetting what was you and me. All of this was for you. I know you’re tying to hold onto me. But you’re keeping loneliness closer. So raise your glass and drink up. Drown in your misery; let it wash you away. As it rains you sit and wonder why you’re alone. Did you ever imagine you’d be part of this dream where you found me in hell with just a grin? You’ve found a place were you’ll never be alone. I gave myself a chance to see forgetting what was you and me. Hollow, gold it never meant anything. Just another memory. You never meant anything. I never loved you. Hold your breath, I promise I won’t wake you up. Just drown, I promise I wont wake you up.